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Eyeglass frame materials have been revolutionized with the introduction of new plastics and various types of metals. Frames generally are fabricated from plastic or metal, but a wide variety of materials can be used, depending on the desired characteristics of the frame.

Eyeglasses have also become quite stylish as fashion accessories, especially among fans of high end designers. Many people choose frames the same way they choose shoes or handbags — selecting different colors and styles to match their wardrobes.

Multi-colored inlays, composite materials, designer emblems, and enhancements such as insets of precious stones also can be found in popular frame styles. Rimless styles offer an understated way to wear eyeglasses without obvious frames. In some rimless styles. Plastic or metal temples attach directly to the lenses rather than onto a frame "body." New eyeglass frame styles continually are being introduced. Innovations include wood and bamboo frame materials and bold shapes, colors and designs in both plastic and metal frames.

Your appearance, personal taste, and lifestyle provide the best guide to finding just the right eyeglasses for you. When selecting frames, make sure you analyze your face shape and coloring so that you find the most flattering look. While it's fine to admire what a favorite celebrity might be wearing, remember that the same style might not be the right look for you. Select a suitable eyeglasses from our high branded collection and enjoy the big sale.

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