Emilio Pucci III

Prior to Pucci’s arrival on the design scene, women were constricted by rigid, structured clothing that utilized heavy padding, corsets and petticoats to unnaturally confine the body. Contrary to his design contemporaries, Pucci was driven by the desire to liberate women, granting them unprecedented freedom and movement. His simply designed dresses, pants and tops featured sexy, free-flowing lines that followed the natural curves of the body.

Pucci designs had the allure of couture, but were shed of all the impractical weight, volume, layering and, most importantly, cost of haute couture creations. Additionally, Pucci offered a total vision that ranged from dresses and underwear to linens, handbags, perfumes and rugs, and gave an expanded group of consumers access to designer goods for the first time. Get the best deals on Emilio Pucci collection and never miss out on this big sale!

Copy by Emilio Pucci

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