Women Lace Up

There’s something about a good pair of lace-up shoes that make them a common go-to for every woman. From subtle to flashy and back again, they just seem to work with any pair of jeans or dress slacks. However, you deserve to have a series of high-end options like these in order to get the best choice for every outfit!

Metallic and innovative, you’ll find a series of metallic hues with just enough matte shimmer to get that extra little fashion aspect out of their color that you’re hoping for. Still lacing up tightly to keep them tight to your feet, they're great for walking in all day with durable soles.

Keeping it simple and sophisticated is also easy with classic buckled and neutral lace-ups that will give you the elegant and authoritative look that you’re going for. Enjoy classic brown, quiet black, and stately dust grey. These are perfect for that power suit where you need to look your best.

For the shopper on the hunt for something a bit more casual, patterned and statement styles are here in the form of shiny buckles, poms, studs, and just enough of a high-gloss shine to grab the eye.

Whatever your appeal for lace-up women’s shoes, there’s something here for anyone who needs a pair.

Available brands in this collection: Dr. MartensMade In Italia