About Us

It all started with my father, a tailor dedicated his life to making a variety of clothes for both genders. The entire summer vacation was spent beside him helping out around the store and there began my love of fashion. Upon his demise, I took charge of the store, focused on high-quality material and customer satisfaction. The knowledge and skills from working with my father are the foundation of Negotiated Luxury.

What began as keeping my father’s legacy of passion and creativity has quickly evolved into a value-driven trustworthy brand. Over the last few years, we have grown to avail 150+ of your favorite global brands in 1 place. We avail of both convenience and quality without compromising price. We pride ourselves for unwavering customer service and an obsession to deliver the best shopping experience.

Today, Negotiated Luxury ships clothes, footwear and accessories for all genders to 90+ countries worldwide and continues to expand by the day. In partnership with our manufacturers in Italy, we strive to provide a unique trending wide range of products at affordable prices. Because, as my father once taught me, everyone deserves to express themselves through fashion without breaking the bank. We can’t wait to give you your best shopping experience.